Reviews for "polarity"

not a bad idea

not a bad idea but you should let us be able to gain money instead of points and let us buy weps and different ships plus you should let us decide if we want an extra life or something else like invincibility for a few seconds or something like that and then you should add power ups in mid game like 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x damage. Over all i think the game would be much better

p.s. dude at the bottom the reason it wont load is probably because your pc sucks

Wasn't that bad.. but..

Just sick of these stereotype games is all.
And for the people who complain about the controls, use the up, down, left and right arrows and use the space bar and B key with the left hand.

Controls could use some work

I like the idea of the game. Ikaruga was a great game and you used the polarity concept from it very well.

My problem is with the control. I feel it would have been a lot more enjoyable if the ship was controlled with the mouse, including shooting with the left mouse button. Controlling the ship with the WASD keys makes it a little tougher to control the ship - which significantly effects our (or at least my) ability to switch back and forth between red and blue while also flying around and shooting up the bad guys :(

ugur responds:

You can also move the ship with the arrow keys and ou can also change the key setup in the settings menu. Not sure about mouse control, its a good idea but i´m worried it would affect the game balance too heavily against people playing with the keyboard.


But it just seems too average, you havent really tried to anything different or better

1 thing I think is good, camera tilt when close to edge, thats all meaning it gets boring... quickly

Its not too bad

for being based of Ikaruga, I loved Ikaruga though, but this felt a bit... bland? not many enemy types, and it just has a laid back shoot ina straight line feel... dunno probably just me. Nice work though.