Reviews for "The Architect's Poem"


I'm speachless.
This is art and a flash, alot of people sorta just use shapes but this is great.


not exactly a poem but it probably wouldn't have been any better if it was one. things i didn't like were that you could see his eyes through his eyelids and a little bit the detail in his face. but, other than that, great job! keep submitting


I think we see way too few submissions of this artistic quality. Shure - there is a lot of great flash films on newgrounds, A LOT, but it is not that often people try to find a different way of telling their stories, so often you sit and feel that what you are watching is just a product, pop - some might say. This is NOT one of those submissions. This I will call art and for that I salute you.

Very nice

But tell me..what did he tried to do in the end?Lock himself in a house?Try to get deeper into the meaning of architecture?That if you don't understand your job and embrace it there's no future?I don't get it..really..


Deep and moving for a flash. It's like something I used to see at the animation festivals in college.