Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"

Not too bad, but....

It is nearly impossible to beat the short track.
Even with a time under 8 sec. My peronal best, The comp still beats you, no matter what you do.


.... it does, however, get quite boring after a couple of races. I like how the computer seems to screw up a lot more and squiggle slower if you're far behind. The sounds and music were great. This was fun... great work...


This game is a decent game..all you do is race with fishes, however there are obstacles to make it more attractive to the naked eye :P The game delivers 'fast' action and something to play while your bored!

This is fun,but...

I played this game like one hundred times and I found only four secrets.
Can somebody tell me where is the fifth secret???

Not too bad

but it could have been better (i/e more levels).