Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"

I didn't like this at all...

Takes time to get used to jumping, and your hands are dead after a race.

~I will judge every Newgrounds game, so if you've got a good score, be honored!!!~

pretty cool

i liked it, pretty cool, you should make a sequal, i found 2 secrets, and beat all 3 race lengths, took me all of 10-20 minutes, the pong game needs work though, overall very nice game.

good game

i have no fuking idea what the person before me had up there ass. i found it a very good game and can easily beat the comp. maybe he should used the NITRO it helps u win

wut a piece of shit

its imposible i played for like a hour and never beat the computer always catches up and passes you!!!!!


if u don believe me, read the reveiw before this one. 8 secs and no win? WTF???

ok but needs sum work