Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"

i kept trying... but i just kept failing

man the other fish would always go faster then me... after 6 or 7 tries i just gave up....


great game! Gives me flashback when i had nintendo & playing games where u have to just rape A & B buttons like in track & field. Couldnt play for long coz i was afraid that A & D keyboardbuttons would have same destiny like nintendo gamepad :)


Its a great game but i cant help feeling that its a bit hard! is it supposed to be really difficult ive never beaten it yet!

O Solo Mio!....

good job! i love this game but beef_3243 why r u making fun of this game? its good and besides it is a super mario game(sort of) and it should look like mario. Besides you probly gave it a low score cuz u suck at this game and ur mad at the creator. Anyways apologies on long message but nice job i love this!


that suked!!!!! Pathetic!!! Get bettr graphics and new controls