Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"

This song secret is good
Fish heads, Fish heads
Rolly polly Fish heads
Fish heads, Fish heads
Eat them up, Yummm!

Cheap cpu

Nice game. I enjoyed the secrets in particular.
These are the five secrets (ordered by QWERTY keyboard key location):
First secret: Pong. Press "6" in-game.
Second secret: Super Mario Bros. 2 graphics in Pong. Press "6" while playing the first secret (Pong).
Third secret: Squigly sing-along. Press "0" in-game.
Fourth secret: Squigly vs. Jaws movie. Press "h" in-game.
Fifth secret: Squigly kills Mario. Press "m" in-game.


I had no idea that Squiggly Fish was a rejected Mario Brothers 2 character. It's always interesting to get background information like that. I appreciated you paying tribute to this guy. Unfortunately, I couldn't really get this game moving. It just seemed like too much effort was put into just moving your fish. He reminds me of the Dopefish.

The graphics seemed to be pretty authentic. I guess I just thought this game moved too slow. The squigly fish could just go faster. It's too bad there was never a 2.0 game made. Anything by Tom Fulp is going to continue to have reviews.