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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

dont worry

i thought the game was perfect. the knife part i easy if you can actually be PATIENT. it took me 4 tries max to beat it. also, i like how you returned to your roots, TA 2 was good, but the buying equipment part was a bit unnessasary to me, i think this is the best one yet. 1 problem; too short.


That Knife part was frustrating, unrealistic, unfair and lame, I mean, how hard is it to backstab somebody ?

And also it is impossible to backstab the second guard, you must backstab him exactly at the right moment, but when you think it is the right time, oh well it just stops before, this leads to hesitation, and you have to wait until the kill zone becomes red, but it's too late, it's already out.

This part ruined it.

The classic Sniper game... with a knife game?

The sniping parts were fun, and I liked how there were ways to fail them, and the cleverness to them. The game itself gave me a sort of "itchy trigger finger" and a nervous aim, which only adds to the fun. The crosshair was also a bit easier to control, and wasn't that annoying "roll mouse to edge of screen to move camera" thing that makes it "realistic" by making it near impossible to move a gun around. You also allowed for multiple crosshair types, which was neat, but didn't offer anything new to the table, save for the looks.

There were some annoying habits of the game as well:
-The "High Score" system: You lose points for however long you are taking, so for the objectives that took time, say "Wait for him to answer the door", it became a nuisance, and making me rush a shooting isn't how it should go.

-The Knife Minigames: These were incredibly annoying. I can understand a shaky grip on a dagger, but he was downright convulsing! It was a lucky shot at best, and since if you messed up (which happened for me 20 times), not only did I get a point deduction for Fail Objective, I also got minus for Death, AND since I need to wait for the man's flapping hands to POSSIBLY strike the annoyingly tiny targets, I got minus 1 point a milisecond.

I would have gotten a great score, but since those few bothers mentioned above, I got a -5000. Remove the Timer Point thing, and allow us to stab the opponents ourselves (Make the success points extremely tiny, so WE will be the ones shaking, and not the game), then this game will be good. I don't like this one as much as I did the other ones, so keep at it. I like that you are trying to think outside the box, but don't go too far.

Far Inferior

I can understand your reasons to take the gameplay to different places, but this was not the right path. The "kill zone" only served to get in the way of the kills, and the Where's Waldo bit right after devolved into a crapshoot when I realized that anybody could look protected and I wouldn't even know. I for one cheered for the complexity of Tactical Assassin 2. That felt like a sequel, this feels like another programmer jumping on the bandwagon.

It was good enough.

The knife minigame was annoying, and the normal missions were ridulously easy. I can't say it was bad, just not the best it could be.

Oh yeah, you pretty much everything was spelt incorrectly
Namely "Assassin" in the title.