Reviews for "don't EVER watch this"


Well... I did laugh at some of the jokes but the overall content wasn't that great. The graphics were ok but looked a little like not much time was put into it. I liked the jokes that didn't only use bodily fluids. Next time put a little more variety in your work other than the normal gross out skit. 86/100

So good

That was pretty awesome. I thought it was going to be bad, but i was soo wrong!!
Thing you could improve on-
Making more!!!

It was good...

Not that bad actually. It was great for a laugh or two.


im impressed even though... it was flawed in alot of way the jokes totally saved it. good job man good job.

Better than I expected

I was expecting some crappy and short anim, but that was quite lengthly and had some pretty humorous parts in it. Good job c:. 4/5 8/10