Reviews for "don't EVER watch this"

great ... just great. . . .aH!!!

this is so funny make more
this is way better than the last one

i'm bliss. HAPPY!

every day i have thoughts like this... watching this tales them away some how.... anyway i want to make somehing like this before i forget

You get

1+for shitz
1+for piss
1+for puke
1+for Naruto insulting(I actually like Naruto)
1+for the complete randomness
1+for insulting that stupid ass Barney
1+for the surprising scenes with a lot of puking
3+for everything else


Thats is one of the most brilliant flashes ever!

Kick ass!

+2 for excessive bathroom "humor"
+1 for insulting Naruto (Ranma 1/2 is better)
EAT THAT AnimeRulz4Eva Loved it

PS: AnimeRulz4Eva, Generation 1 transformers rules all!


funny shit bro. like that random humor. keep it up

hillary clinton shaves her vagina