Reviews for "Halloween Shooter"

Good effect

I did indeed like the tunnel effect :) A grand example of mixing an art idea with a particle engine. However, you have to watch out for CPU bog down. It's a horrible mistake you can make with particle engines of any sort. If you want to fix that up, try converting your tween for the tunnel effect into a series of pictures instead of vector graphics. That could help a lot (of course with a tad bit of quality loss).

Also, now expand on your idea some. Give it some more game elements that are are just regulated to a point and click. I can point and click things on my desktop all day and get about the same amount of entertainment :P (just doesn't look as pretty)

Keep it going though, and good luck on your future projects :)

Frederik77 responds:

Thanks :)

It's a result of playing around with MC Tween, but I would look into using just bitmap-data or a 3d engine if I were out to optimize the tunnel effect, as you say. It was just one of those sketch projects interesting enough to get a little extra polish - a bit of mood but nothing serious ;)