Reviews for "~NK~ "Evil""

i love everything you do *in a non stalker kinda of way.. maybe*. get yourself a paypal donation thing going so i can give ya some money for a new laptop!!

A dictionary definition of dubstep, great stuff, not to much WOB in fact just the right amount, my mind felt thoroughly violated after listening to this, good job!

I like your sound. It reminds me of a kind of mix between Skrillex and Deadmau5 *dodges haters*

If only I was listening to this with proper speakers, then I think I would eargasm enough to, well, fall into a coma or something.

But yeah, sounds pretty awesome. Can't come with any objective/constructive criticism, sadly, due to my current lack of competence within music production.

Keep up the quality work.

Dang it you made my face melt again do you know how much money I'm spending on having to get my face reconstructed every time i listen to one of your songs.

excuse me will i go pick my brain off the floor it kinda got blown