Reviews for "Flash Benchmark '08"

pretty good

this is pretty decent. Although it would be good if you expanded it a bight in discussing ways to slightly improve the performance of the flash applications. if the users scored badly

Nice idea.....

although once you've run through it there isn't really any need to use it again. Still its an ok little tool for curiosity but it just needs something to make it a little more appealing, like some way to interact while its testing or maybe some more tests. Nice try. 6/10


Some people obviously don't realize that this is actually a TOOL, not a game, but oh well, let's ignore them.

This was a very well thought-out test to evaluate out computers. Props to you. There should be a permanent link to this somewhere, and then new games should be given a "gellyfish rating" or something of the like.

I only scored 8800ish (almost "good") but I have been able to play every flash game here with only minimal lag. Well, I did turn down the graphics when it got intense... ;p

Anyways, good job with this. Very useful.


my high performance laptop failed the heavy test with an average of 10, fps. i think it is cause i am using vista. anyway good flash,


i dont know what 2 do you really didnt explain what to do verry well and i got bored after the second round