Reviews for "Flash Benchmark '08"

Deserves more attention.

Pretty good. Never seen a Flash Benchmark before. Spent quite a while on this. I got into benchmarking like a few months ago when i built my new PC, learnt how to OC and stuff, made the top score on this althogh took me a few times and overclocks, didnt submit loads of my scores.

This deserves a way higher score and a lot more attention then it did get. Really looking forward to updates and maybee another one next year. ^^

Not impressed...

I think you should of made a game with the killer ocean graphics.........vp

Good idea idea - great implementation!

Got 16165 (over Great) using Flash Player 10 in Firefox with a lot of tabs opened.


I have a Mac and I used Safari for this. I scored somewhere over Good, so I feel pretty happy with my system.

Great idea

That was a gret idea man and for those of you who don't understand, ITS A BENCHMARK, you have nothing to do except seeing your computer performance. by the way tell us your computer spec so we can compare to each other mine is a Core 2 Duo 6850 4 gig of ram 8800 gtx using win xp