Reviews for "Flash Benchmark '08"


7819 - Got a slower processor, can run most games perfect but flash games have always run slower for me

love it

Fantastic idea, never heard of a flash based benchmark system before and its also a great time to use it since adobe has released flash 10.1 beta allowing people to use GPU acceleration.

I got a 23389, above awesome :D

What the...?

This is awesome! By using this I have learnt that I actually have a good graphics card. I upgraded my CPU and now it runs about 4 times faster than it did before. I went from having a rating of around 4000 to a rating of 19605. Looks like I didn't waste $1k after all...


I scored 16976 (almost Awesome). I was running Firefox on VIsta, so that's pretty studly.

Sweet. Scored 10097.

Granted, that's with 80 processes running. A couple of other applications were running, but I failed the heavy test. Ultra probably would have crashed my system.