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Reviews for "Rapscallions"


animation was a good style! and it was funny! good voices, good animation, good story! overall good cartoon!!

I laughed, so you win

That was some kind of awesome right there.


THAT WAS TERRIBLE AND UNFUNNY! It should be 30 minutes longer and have more Mario and Sonic references! YOU FAIL AT LIFE YOU FLASHY NEWBER

Funny but bad animation

There's no way that your flash animtion could be bad on purpose so I am going to vote a little lower as incentive to waste your time polishing something that won't improve with polish. Also more mario please. He always makes funny jokes and is funny in flash parodies. I'll add a star if you add more marios and better animations.


I don't know if it's the crappy flash or that it's too late that's making this funny, but I laughed.