Reviews for "Body Ladder"

I immediatly request a sequal

This game is GREAT!!! needs more weapons and psy powers, though. and a pause function, but otherwise, great game!


I cocooned myself in


very fun i like it thos reallly WHAT WITH THE MISCONVENTLY PLACES MOFUNZONE SIGHN i love the site persannallly i also love the opening thing they put in games but bah! the sigh caused my death twice -_-

anyone who said this game sucks dosnt know shit

very original (^_^)

Awsome Game

Only Problem I made a arc of clones that protected me while I killed behind scenes but you move up once you kill more people thats what made me hate it also check it out LMAO i jumped up once in the arc and got stuck it was hilarious if that happens just keep killing