Reviews for "Body Ladder"

I loved it

I found it difficult at times, like when I'm on a thin little tower and I can't hit them until they're right next to me.

One HUGE suggestion: Move the link to MoFunZone to the top corner. I've lost numerous times by accidentally clicking that link.

Overall great game though.


I would of made it farther, but I kept hitting the link in the corner and eventually got swarmed, need to move that, plus you should of made it where we could see our whole pile once we die, and how high it is.
Fun game nontheless.

sik as

lol i remember this game and now playing it i realise how much fun it was 9/10 =P


It was hard at first, but after about 5 tries and a day later, I got to 26,398 feet. The only problems were no more upgrades after pistol and I died from clicking the logo.

The game is good

Except for the link, and the fact that it's easier to kill enemies with the chainsaw than it is with the guns. Can you swap weapons...? If not, you should be able to. But highly addictive, a great game other than those two minor glitches. I expect SEQUELS! With storymodes, different type of clones with different weapons and CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTER. Because as nice as that top hat is, sometimes you just want something else.