Reviews for "Body Ladder"

that was awesome

great idea, mofunzone is always coming up with good ideas.


I'm giving this game a full 10 just because of how original the idea was and how fun it was! Thanks for making such an awesome game, I love the whole idea of it. Nice weapons and animation too! Well done!

Its grate fun

But not really that unique, it seems to be just a different take on Insurgo.

Not bad.

I greatly enjoyed the game, just piling up bodies to get a bit higher up on the scale. Really unique, and the gameplay's not that bad. Plus, it's pretty addictive. The only thing I found bad about it is when the zombies start getting high in numbers, it's difficult to fight back.

All in all, 3/5


Really great game, perfect if you only have like 5 minutes to spare.
I found it really hard to hit the clones in the head, that's the only thing that migth could have been changed, but still im not that good gamer, so it migth just be me...
9/10 ^.-