Reviews for "Body Ladder"


great idea and game but once you get the pistols its way too easy because all you have to do is shoot the sides and stand in the middle. for alittle more challenge it should allow you to go out of the screen if the sides start to get to high ya know.
keep it up yo


very fun i like it thos reallly WHAT WITH THE MISCONVENTLY PLACES MOFUNZONE SIGHN i love the site persannallly i also love the opening thing they put in games but bah! the sigh caused my death twice -_-

awesome game...

i give it a 10 out of 10, i love this game so much... the only main problem is that annoying as hell mofunzone link at the bottom right. i was continuously accidentally opening that link which made me lose a ton of health on several occasions... other than that, this game is perfect :D

Fun little time killer!

This game is a lot of fun. I would like to see the different weapons do more more noticeable damage to the enemies though. Also, the only one thing that's killing me is the lack of a "Pause" button (unless I'm dumb and haven't found it)! I play a lot of these games during slow periods at work and it sucks to have to restart the game when the zombies kill you because you have to help some idiotic "customer" in the middle of your game! Blargh!

l love this game.

One word... Flawless. Except for the dumb mofunzone thing! Place that somewhere else please!