Reviews for "Body Ladder"

great game, terrible ad

the ad ruins the end, and it gets me killed everytime I get guns. please move it/ move it to a seperate option on main menu only


not much to, it killing loads of clones
but very addicting!
great job

It was good!

I guess this was a fun game. The only major criticism i have is the lack of a pause button. Apart from that it was good. Could have done with getting harder after about 50m and more power-ups later on as it doesn't get any more difficult after about 50m

not bad, a few annoyances

seemed like when id try to click a certain area of the game (a few occasions to use PSY) it would open an ad. BAD for games that you die easy in when you cant move or fight back.. and pretty easy. nice game though.

okay game

Please move the add, I died because of it...