Reviews for "Body Ladder"

Cool game!!!

i like it,it's simple but funny and original(great idea the mountain of dead zombies::)

good game 1 prob

needs checkpoints plz

Fun, but infuriating

The gameplay was innovative and fun. But that goddamed link in th bottom of the screen on the right would screw me up every time the floor was about to go up another step. Clones would come from the bottom right, I'd go to shoot them, I'd go to Mofunzone...and die. Fix that, and yay.


I dont know what the flip the other people were talking about. It was really challenging. If you find this easy, i hate to what hard would be to you.

great game, terrible ad

the ad ruins the end, and it gets me killed everytime I get guns. please move it/ move it to a seperate option on main menu only