Reviews for "Body Ladder"

fun but.....

Fun, but it got a little repetative

Dude this game is great and addicting but.....

I find this game fun and addicting, overall you did a good job....but the fact that if i try to to shoot the zombies and the head when they are on the bottom right corner causes a pop up leading to mofuns site.......it's just really annoyinh, why just now I got killed because of the popup.....if your going to put a link in the actual gameplay screen make sure it doesn't interfere with the players experience. It would have been much better to put the link at the top of screen and make the hotspot area smaller.

Des need work but very good

The only things keeping me from giving it a 10 was that after a while it gets hard because health drops are sorta rare and fighting the same enemies was kinda boring to mer so you should prob add a boss and more weps and bigger maps to fight in. More grenades would help too.

got lame

it was all gud with kombat but kud use mor wepons and th ability to swap wepons also a grenade throw bar wont kill u with maby some grenade refills falling from the sky but hey 10/10


dud its hard but i found a strategy or cheat glicht thing because i know how to not get hert just make 2 stacks of bodys stay in middle of both and clones cant walk down or over easy wait to explode head or try to hit them but i dont really like pistols more axe gives 1 hit kill but gun have 2 kepp shooting :( still awesome keep up the good work