Reviews for "Body Ladder"

Stupid link

its a good game but next time dont put a link in the corner it made me die like 5 times!


This is a very original game. It's hard, but I got to the dualies. The psy powers were interesting, but the game is glitchy, and the link in the corner is a bad idea. It was so fun, though, that it gets an eight.


It was a fun game.. But why would you put a link on the game screen?
Twice I pushed it, resulting in my dying. >.<

Very fun and Unique but...

Here's the thing, First off, look we know who made the game, and if we wanted to go to your site, we would on our own. I can't tell you how ANNOYING it was to fall down, try to get health or a power-up just to spam click your site advertisement. Secondly, power-ups dropped like .02% of the time for me. Finally, the zombies would climb, get stuck and suddenly appear on the pile randomly. Fix those HUGE problems and it would be a great, 10 star game.

oh well

im pretty sure this is a fun game but theres no way in hell you can play it on a laptop without a mouse