Reviews for "Body Ladder"

Was good...

But, as many people said, the link at the bottom right a problem. Luckily, for me, I have firefox and I set it to open tabs so it didn't really affect me other than lag.
It was good at first, until the game sort've ended after I got the dual guns. I got really, really high up, no weapon upgrades, and I was basically shooting the oncoming clones without effort of even moving.

It was a fair game, great idea; however, it could've been better with more upgrades and a height metre that didn't run out of the space once you were past 60 or something.

Mofunzone icon annoying

The mofunzone icon was quite annoying i keep clicking on that thing and then when you come back ... you're dead.

Good game any way.


well honestly I had a great time playing this :D the link on the bottom made me close the window once :S but other than that I really liked this game

It crashed...

yeah, the game crashed. I got the guns, got really high up, then for some reason, several zombies climbed up in the exact same spot. I used the psy power, and it crashed the game, or at least slowed the framerate down to 1 frame every 3-4 seconds.

Anyway, here's the final image before I had to close my browser: http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/25 38/bodyladderxz1.png

it was fun

maybe a better starter weapon would be good.. like a chainsaw!