Reviews for "Body Ladder"

It's okay I guess

Gameplay is okay apart from:
- Link in the bottom right
- Dual pistol is absolutely overpowered (and made my finger hurt :P)


this is suitible 4 all ages!? how comeb theres blood every were!!??


nice concept - kl game and its funi. BUT WOTS UP WITH THE JUMP??


This was interesting but it did have its flaws. The placement for the mofunzone ad was terrible and interrupted gameplay various times and once you get the dual handguns the game is over... it becomes too easy, and there are no more upgrades... I ended up making the "meter" that determines your height go out of the screen... You should probably think of implimenting a "meter is full ==> start new meter" and adding more upgrades to the game. I also found the lack of other psy powers made the whole aspect of having psy powers useless...

All in all this is s decent game but it feels unfinished =/

Fun game BUT!

The link to MoFunGames at the bottom is positioned so I keep accidently clicking it! Then the popup appears and by the time I'm focussed on the right window I'm half dead.