Reviews for "Fear and Loathing typo"


How does most of the stuff fit in here on newgrounds? it just does. If anything i think this should inspire its own category or collection. WordArt, it could be really interesting.


It was smooth and in time but lost 1 star for some spelling mistake.

robbe responds:

DAMN! That's a pitty.


I love creative stuff like this. Very nice ways of using your words. Pun very much intended.
U haz mai 5.



i thought it was very original! Like, you used good means of spicing up sentances with the animation, like they do on some tv ads.
Completely lost about everything he talked about, but that's just me

pretty decent

If you're going to make a flash using only text and audio do you not think it would be best to check your spelling? It just seems sloppy is all...

Having said that, this was very nicely done. The animation was smooth, and the movement of the words was relevent to the subject matter. Also, Fear and Loathing is an awesome film...