Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

Pretty cool

This was a pretty cool flash. Was very well animated however the voices were done fairly poorly (It sounded like the same guy was voicing two characters at one time). The jokes were fairly dry and the characters didn't really act like they actually should have (I really don't think that a guy would just be sweating if he had a gun to his head).

Pretty good movie but it's still a point short of perfect.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

It's a shame you didn't like the voices, but I'm glad you liked everything else - cheers!


This is really tight. nice job. what music was used at the end with the steve and his boss running in something similar to a mario 8-bit game?

That was some awesome Flash skill

I'm giving this a nine, because I think you should have added a chat between Steve and the Boss.

Can't say much more than..

That I agree with most reviews so far. It's what i've come to expect from your work. A very high quality overall imho. As a few have noticed and mentioned, I to expected a tad more slapstick humor and witty comments from steve. However you compensated alot with though out action. I didn't notice a difference in steves apperance though. I'm exited for the next episode.

p.s nice touch with the 8-bit ending =)

Well Complexed

this is a very fine flash seriously your have amazing drawing skills. i defiantly will check out your website you can haz a 9