Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

Worth the wait

I love The Everyday Adventures Of Steve lol. I had given up hope that this episode would ever be released but when I got an email saying it was uploaded I was ecstatic. They just get better and more action packed with every episode. Keep it up

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it.

This was freaking awesome

Possibly because I didn't watch steve 1 and 2 first I was so amazed and also didn't have any feelings about the animation prior to viewing giving me a fresh attitude instead of an expectation that had existed from seeing the first two.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you think it's worth a 10 as a standalone episode! Still, give the first two a watch and you'll probably understand where some of the criticism is coming from. I think this episode works well as a separate cartoon, but the previous episodes were more about zany humour and completely over-the-top enemies and fights, so I guess this episode came off as being a little flat in comparison for fans of the series.

Anyway, I'm glad you really enjoyed it, look out for Steve 4!

Where the time go. Woah!!!!!!!!!

Thats the fastest action saving time I have ever seen. 3 minutes u sure can do alot. But besides that, The music u chose was right on the money. The way the animated charcters moved and got shot at were amazing. Storyline is just as good as 1 and 2s were. You made a strike on this movie good luck in the future.


For one thing, I think that the action was better but yadda yadda yadda, everyone's already made that point, so I won't bother. In fact, I wasn't going to bother posting at all, until I read the comic, and I must say that I did think that the storyline was better in that. The animation was still good though, and still definatly worth 10/10.
Also, I do prefer the older versions of Steves face which is used for angles other than straight on.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks for the review! And yeah, I agree with your comment about the comic having a better storyline, I think I tried to flesh it out a bit in the cartoon but the original pace of the story was much better and the dialogue was more focused on Steve making jokes and generally being awesome.

As for your comment about how Steve looks, I'm completely changing how I draw the cartoon for Steve 4. Check out my site for a pretty lengthy update about that!

steve is a picmin

steve is a red picmin bit i like it