Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

Such a good show...

which makes it a shame we've had to wait so long for this next installment. This can be forgiven as this is an excellent example of whats needed on newgrounds, its original, has a good story told really well, has good animation and detail but not OTT for a comedy and it consistently remains funny throughout the entire flash. Excellence is something i would use to describe this. There had better be MORE SOON! 10/10

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thank-you! I too hope I can get the next episode done a lot quicker than Steve 3. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it and cheers for the review.

Worth the wait

I love The Everyday Adventures Of Steve lol. I had given up hope that this episode would ever be released but when I got an email saying it was uploaded I was ecstatic. They just get better and more action packed with every episode. Keep it up

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it.

Non-questionable film

Is a great film, totally!

great story

epic storyline ! :P

Pretty awesome!!!

Everything was nicely made.
Animations: 10
Sound: 10
Fun: 10
Story: 10