Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"


I didn't find it too funny. There were some semi-humorous parts, but nothing really made me laugh out loud. I liked how everything was so symmetrical and geometric, but the animation was a tad stiff. Action scenes were paced too slow, and a bit too realistic if your goal was to make them funny -- you know, you should really have Jimmy whooping some serious ass and taking out hordes of guys. You really should've added a twist at the end, or at the least, make the house collapse. Other than that, not too shabby.

That was some awesome Flash skill

I'm giving this a nine, because I think you should have added a chat between Steve and the Boss.

I hate to say it

but the movie just wasn't funny. Also, the action didn't stand out. Basically it didn't have a 'moment' like in Steve 1 with the street fighter scene. This is definitely not the Steve 3 I was waiting for.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Wow, that's quite a painful review but I agree to an extent. While I think there were some pretty sweet moments in this episode, I think it perhaps strayed too far from what Steve is all about - crazy humour and original action sequences.

Here's hoping Steve 4 is more like what you were expecting!

Insane action!

Ok, there are so many things I loved I'm gonna have to list them.

1-The scene where Steve calls Jimmy fat is hilarious
2-The scene where Steve "Felt cool sayin it" was awesome
3- Loved how Steve barges in the split second the clock hits 12.
4- In the final fight scene the cut, the fire extinguisher shot, kicking up SMG, and final explosion was INSANE!

I also think that Jimmy looked a little bit like Pico with glasses on, but hey, I think anyone with curly orange hair looks like Pico now! ^_^
Anyways, loved animation it was very smooth and the pixalated ending was also very cool. In the next one I think Jimmy should be in a fight and screw things up and barely avoid death. That would be funny.

I couldn't do it I am sorry!!!

I cannot Cannot rate this any better like the rest of the crowd. I thought that you just didn't grab my attention in the first 8 seconds of this production. And then I waited a bit longer. Then dialog.... done.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Wow, that's... quite dramatic! But hey thanks for the review anyway, I'm quite impressed that I got a 6 even though you didn't really watch beyond the first line of dialogue. If it makes you feel any better, Steve 4's opening is going to be pretty awesome, so hopefully the first eight seconds of the next episode will grab your attention!