Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

A little disappointing.

I'm a massive fan of the first two Everyday Adventures of Steve, which I consider the peak of humour. Though Steve 3 is longer and filled with more intense action, the jokes and puns took a severe dive, though there were still a few good ones in there.

In terms of music, you made some excellent choices there, but as the voice acting (while your effort is noted) was just a little hard to buy. As for the animation, you've noticably stepped it up a notch which is great to see, but all this doesn't quite make up for the traditional Steve we (or at least I) know and love.

I was hoping the ending would redeem the previous nine minutes, but it was highly anti-climactic: I was expecting Steve to demand a promotion or free access to porn or something similar, but it just sort of cut off. That said, the Megaman credits were pretty cool.

All up... Though longer, the humour (what I feel is the winning characteristic of the Steve series) took a pretty serious dive leaving the whole movie a little subpar. Looking forward to Steve 4 and a renewed supply of humour.


Neo-Egyptian responds:

This review pretty much PERFECTLY sums up how I feel about the episode. I think after 20 months I'd lost the ability to see Steve 3 objectively, but now I've finished it it's pretty obvious that I was trying to make something that wasn't really a proper Steve episode. If I'm being totally honest, the previous episodes look like balls - especially the first one! - but they did so well because people seem to really enjoy the crazy humour and the completely random enemies and action. The Steve series it not meant to be heavily plot-driven or full of pseudo-dramatic dialogue, it's meant to be about Steve kicking ass and 'cracking wise'.

But anyway, I am still proud of this episode and I'm glad a lot of people enjoyed it to some degree, but don't worry - Steve 4 is gonna be old-school.

Where the time go. Woah!!!!!!!!!

Thats the fastest action saving time I have ever seen. 3 minutes u sure can do alot. But besides that, The music u chose was right on the money. The way the animated charcters moved and got shot at were amazing. Storyline is just as good as 1 and 2s were. You made a strike on this movie good luck in the future.

veary good

well this is the first steve thing i have seen so i cant really make a comparison but this was pretty cool!

This was freaking awesome

Possibly because I didn't watch steve 1 and 2 first I was so amazed and also didn't have any feelings about the animation prior to viewing giving me a fresh attitude instead of an expectation that had existed from seeing the first two.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you think it's worth a 10 as a standalone episode! Still, give the first two a watch and you'll probably understand where some of the criticism is coming from. I think this episode works well as a separate cartoon, but the previous episodes were more about zany humour and completely over-the-top enemies and fights, so I guess this episode came off as being a little flat in comparison for fans of the series.

Anyway, I'm glad you really enjoyed it, look out for Steve 4!

I'm going to have to agree with some of the others

It wasn't as funny as I hoped it would be. Steve 2 was extremely funny for me, but this didn't have those 'Stevish' jokes I was hoping for. I think I giggled once or twice during this one. The ending was a big let down also. Your animations skills have really improved though, and I have to give you credit for that. Major improve from Steve 1 and Steve 2. I think that you had very nice and clean animation this time around but sacrificed the humor of the flash. Just my opinion though.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

I sort of agree, I'll see what I can do for the next one!