Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

Oddly enough...

I enjoyed it!

At first I looked at the graphics and said "Oh god, its going to be a tween, copied, repetitive nightmare", but man was I proved wrong! While the comedy is a bit bland standalone, the way you delivered it was superb and thus made it absolutely hilarious together. It wasn't too long, nor too short, it only dropped out of interest once (the office search), and it was overall a blast to watch. I will definitely watch the other two in the series, and eagerly await the next installment. ^-^ 9/10, keep up the good work.

Good in it's own way.

However, as part of the Everyday Adventures of Steve series, it just deviates far too much from the classic formula of plenty of humour with cool fight with something totally random.

Still regard the 2nd one as the best. The inferior graphics in parts adds to the charm as well.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record but: don't worry, the fourth episode is going to return the format to how it was in the first and second episodes. I still firmly believe in progression - particularly in regard to the drawing and using better animating techniques - but the story and the jokes need to be my priority and there really isn't any space in the Steve series of pseudo-series plotlines. I think it's for those reasons Steve 3 didn't quite hit the right note with fans of the series.


That was awesome! I liked the "Retro Outro" and how you used my favorite Drum n' Bass loop too! I knew it would be great when i heard it on the menu. It looked like you traced the suits with the line tool, which looked awesome, ive never seen somthing like that before.

Easy 10/10!


Holy shit, it's been two years and damn well worth the wait.
Dude, that was awesome :D If I have a single complaint, it's that Steve doesn't have as many quips as he did in the previous 2 episodes. The action was outstanding though. That last gunfight is legendary or something.

You need an alternate dimensional space where time doesn't pass so you can finish more episodes sooner. But if I have to wait another 2 years for episode 4, it'll be worth it.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, plus it's nice to hear people saying they can forgive the ridiculous production time because of the quality of the episode. Anyway, I agree about Steve, I think I need to continue pushing what I can do as an animator while keeping the dialogue and story similar to the first two episodes.

Can't say much more than..

That I agree with most reviews so far. It's what i've come to expect from your work. A very high quality overall imho. As a few have noticed and mentioned, I to expected a tad more slapstick humor and witty comments from steve. However you compensated alot with though out action. I didn't notice a difference in steves apperance though. I'm exited for the next episode.

p.s nice touch with the 8-bit ending =)