Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"


Hmm.. what can i say?
First, i really like the backgrounds.
The buildings, the bar, the village and the airplane was nicely DRAWN.
However, the COLOURING itself looked extremly unprofessional.
The characters barely moved, which shows that this was not even animated...
It was small, odd moves - not really worthy to be called "animation" .
You cant get away with nice voices, it doesnt work.

Eitherway i can give you more, because i judge Animation, Art, Backgrounds, Story, Sounds - But specially ANIMATION.

Story was .... kind of ridiciolus.
And the shooting sounds were patethic - Could you not have gotten anything better? This animation lacks on many places.

Improve on these points, and you will recieve higher reviews.

Thank you!




Neo-Egyptian responds:

I generally respond to criticism in a positive way and appreciate how most of the more critical reviews I've had for Steve 3 have been constructive and polite in tone. However, yours has managed to genuinely irritate me, so allow me to retort:

Your most recent cartoon is a visual abomination, done almost entirely in monochrome and being around 90% tweened, the other 10% comprising embarrassingly basic frame-by-frame. While you speak of my 'extremely unprofessional' colouring, you've barely used any yourself, despite the fact vibrant colour in certain scenes would have made an excellent contrast between the woman's past and her present. Yes, criticising your work purely because you've criticised mine is a cheap shot, but you come across like you're a master of animation when you can't even apply your criticisms to your own work.

Aside from this, I really cannot stand 'high and mighty' reviews, especially where you've said things like my cartoon is not worthy to be called animation, and that I should 'improve on these points, and you will receive higher reviews'. Oh thank you, master of the visual arts and Newgrounds extraordinaire! Before I had your excellent advice to guide me, I didn't realise that people responded well to improved animation!

Look, I appreciate that this cartoon is not perfect - I did in fact make a lengthy post on my website regarding my own criticisms of the episode, and have since been spending a lot of time reading Richard Williams' guides to animating and trying to learn loads of new techniques for future cartoons. However, there are ways to be critical that mean you don't come across like a hypocritical asshole - you use several throw-away insults when describing my animation and voice acting, essentially saying I can't do it and it doesn't work. Thanks, that's very constructive, and not remotely judgemental given the quality of your own work!

Improve on these points, and you will receive a positive response from me.

Thank you!





an amazing flash, truly the one of the best I've seen.


Nice Quality but stupid physic :
When Steve cover behind wooden doors - that may be killed or doors will be fail
And other : That likes a 13 age old Kid Counter Strike xDD 7/10 3/5

Well Complexed

this is a very fine flash seriously your have amazing drawing skills. i defiantly will check out your website you can haz a 9

Indeed a well done flash.

I would like to commend and congratulate Mr.Wright. Your movies have been very entertaining and uplifting for me and my friends for years now. They are memorable in their own respectable ways,
and that is- In my opinion, the sign of a good artist.

With the new title, you have improved on your animation skills: Charicter models seem less stiff, physics with movement, Voice acting seems a little less bland and you paid more attention to the mechanics of the firearms more.

I think the only thing that needs improvement is your dimensioning and proportion of their heads when they switch perspective, (Eg. heads recoiing from headshots)

other than that little gripe, I loved this change of pace the series made.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks a lot :) Everything is going to look completely different in Steve 4, so make sure to look out for that one when it's finished!