Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

magnus coolio!

awesome flash man great ani and voivce syncing, i loved the knife alla 'desparado' and the brain thing alla 'kill bill'

You did it!

All right, Tom! After 2 years of eager anticipation, Steve 3 is finally here!
Ok, so the first thing I noticed is the lipsynch: Great job on that. I know it must of been very time consuming. I also feel the need to mention the similar style to kung-spoon and most of your other shorts. However, that's what bothered me a little. Steve 3 may have taken too big of a step from Steve 2. Most of the movie seems to focus more on the action rather then humor.

Overall, I'm very happy that Steve 3 got to the internet. I hope to see more of Steve in the futur.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll try and tighten up the humour a bit in Steve 4.

pretty good

i liked it and it was pretty funny buy a couple things didn't make sense

how did a punchdagger come from his arm to his hand?!?! he was wearing a t shirt!!

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Haha yeah I wanted to have him use the same weapon as in Steve 2, then I animated it and was like 'hang on, this doesn't quite work!'. Still, I thought it was a pretty awesome sequence so I kept it in.