Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

"i am not faat.." lol

good stuff. funny, sarcastic humor. adequate amount of violence, very nice my friend.

Neo-Egyptian responds:


I didn't like it but ill give u a 5 for effort.

The drawings were actually pretty good. I think Jimmy was supposed to be comic relief but turned out quite annoying. So was Steve's but Jimmy's was worse. The action was okay but didn't catch me. Some of the adults looked like kids. At least I can see you tried though. Also, soom of the gun wounds were too big. I don't know what kinda bullets Steve was using but they must have been huge. Next time work harder on the humor and action.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Well, I can't say I quite agree with all your criticism - the size of the gun wounds in particular is perhaps nitpicking just a bit too much - but thanks for the advice, I'll keep some of it in mind.

Worth the wait!

Funny, fun and entertaining! Well done and thanks!

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you think it was worth the wait!

Unexpected but worth the wait!!

We sent you a PM of how we loved the first two epiosdes and we gotta say, we are LOVING this one. the animation was great and the action sequences were awesome too. Thanks for making this superb movie, we can tell a lotta effort went it making this :D

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks guys! Cheers for your continued support.

Pretty cool

This was a pretty cool flash. Was very well animated however the voices were done fairly poorly (It sounded like the same guy was voicing two characters at one time). The jokes were fairly dry and the characters didn't really act like they actually should have (I really don't think that a guy would just be sweating if he had a gun to his head).

Pretty good movie but it's still a point short of perfect.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

It's a shame you didn't like the voices, but I'm glad you liked everything else - cheers!