Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

Good stuff!

Not as outlandish as previous 'Steve's, but quite entertaining.
Biggest criticism would be that generally there can be a lot more movement, facial expressions etc.
Loved the retro outro though!
Looking forward to Steve 4 ;)

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks a lot! And yeah I'll definitely work on the movement issues, gotta keep things progressive!


I thoroughly enjoyed this flash, the drawings were clean, the backgrounds were well-done, the acting was solid, the sound quality was good, the dialogue was funny and it was plain fun to watch. I liked the main character, and could pick up on the story relatively easily, also the last gun fight was nice.

Not without some problems, though. For one, the characters were barely animated and it was a bit stiff. During dialogue, only the mouths of the characters moved and nothing else, nothing a little tweening on the head or eyes couldn't fix; also, some of the animation needed a bit of refining like Steve's run cycle. And maybe some more small things to add power to the gun fights, like camera shakes when somebody fires a round.

Other than that, loved it. PS: Action+Comedy=WIN.

Oh, that steve...

He does get up to some crazy adventures!

I loved it. Good animation, Very funny, Great music.

This film really deserved my 5's and 10 *'s

Now in the words of Steve:

Get out of my office, this pornography isnt exactly going to watch itself, is it?

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Haha! Thanks a lot man, much appreciated.

Could be a lot better

lol, i have yet to see many blond green eyes Colombians lol.

Nice video, but ur animation/movements and drawing need work. Story was nice and the voices/sound and effects were good. Some good jokes, but the animation just took away from it cuz there was barely any movement and the times there were it was very stiff and robotic. I say work on ur drawing skills and learn some better animating techniques and u can have a pretty good series on here.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

I do indeed need to add more movement to the characters, thanks for the review.


all of the above

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thank you!