Reviews for "The Adventures of Steve 3"

Great work!

This is a great submission sadly i can not believe how people can rate this submission less that 8?
This movie was exiting and very entreating and the story was so fun.
I hope this one gets the 1 or 2 daily place.


So after 20 months you have finally release a new episode of The Adventures of Steve to the portal. This episode is a huge improvement from your previous episodes, and also a little bit of a disappointment, as well. I am glad that you finally implemented actual lip-syncing into your characters mouths instead of using a loop of their lips moving up and down. The main problem I had was the writing and animation. Compared to your other episodes, the comedy is a bit lacking. Your other episodes were extremely funny and random. That's what made them so enjoyable. This episode, however, seems more like a serious attempt at an actual story than a comedy flash. This is fine, but when your first two episodes in the series contain nothing but random humor and gags, it doesn't make much sense to change that formula. The animation was the biggest problem. Although the action scenes were well animation with a few short scenes of frame-by-frame animation, most of this consisted of tweens. A few tweens are okay, but when 95% of the flash consists of just tweens, then we have a problem. When the characters are talking to each other, they look like mindless dolls. They never move from their position and their bodies look like a piece of wood. The running scene was also a huge problem. They look like they had irritated armpits and refuse to move their arms more in fear of getting them more irritated. You also recycled the running animation from Steve for Steve's boss. That shows many continuity issues. Why would someone run exactly like someone else? Sometimes taking a shortcut in animation is not always a good thing. Overall, it was a huge improvement in terms of animation and lip-sync. But the animation still needs a lot of work to show believable human movements. The writing needs to go back to the original formula instead of a serious flash. Good luck on future episodes.

and thus ends another boring day at work.

lol good stuff here, was tightly knit, graphics better then number 2's, and use of soundtrack was pretty good all in all worth the wait me thinks


This is really tight. nice job. what music was used at the end with the steve and his boss running in something similar to a mario 8-bit game?

A bit iffy.

The good -
The music. I was pleased to hear some Pendulum in there.
The headshots.
The drawing. The landscapes were good and I liked the thicker line around the outside of the characters.

The bad -
The animation. As mentioned in plenty of reviews before mine, the little animation you had was a bit rigid, and the running looked particularly weird. I know it's not the easiest thing to do, though,
The voice acting. You need another person to do the ginger kid's voice because it's too similar to Steve's. I'm guessing you just held your nose for that one? I feel bad saying it but you're not the greatest voice actor in the world. Sorry!
The humour. I thought the jokes were pretty basic, but I guess it just wasn't my style. Although I did like the camera zoom-in followed by "that was cool".

So overall it was a good effort, but you need more practise at some aspects. It's a good start, though.