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Reviews for "Nursing Home Madness"


reminds me of one of those old people that are always smiling and things but in their head its like im going to ****ing slit your neck.

Rapheus responds:

That's this guy! And he actually does those things.

Give your girlfriend a double thumbs up for me!

I don't think I will look at older people the same way again.

Rapheus responds:

You never know what's going on in those wrinkled ol heads.


This movie is fun + The old mans and agents heads are dragable!

Rapheus responds:

Huh.. Don't know how I managed that...

your girlfriend...

is radical.best idea ever.

Rapheus responds:

She is rather brilliant.


Your girlfreind is a GENIUS!!!This was really funny...DO NOT i repeat Do not turn off an old person's infomercials.

Rapheus responds:

Oh no, and this animation is a warning to the world.