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Reviews for "Nursing Home Madness"


Pépé faut aller dorm...ARGH !

Rapheus responds:

Is that some style of foreign language??

For the most part pretty accurate...

Work in one so yeah, pretty much sums it up.

Rapheus responds:

Careful of those TV cerfews, now!

lol, love it.

nice work :D
im on a tightish scedual, so short things like these are the best things for me. (that, and things with chapters that you can acess at the begining.) so thanks, and say hi to your GF for me, ok?
have a good life,
Hi ace50

Rapheus responds:

Thanks man, will do!


I got a boner after watching this! IDK WHY...oh wait yes I do! it's because i've got problems! 10/10 btw

Rapheus responds:

Haha I'd get that checked out. ;)


hes watchin Metalacolypse

Rapheus responds:

Sillly old man! The Price Is Right is a much more senior-oriented show!