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Reviews for "Nursing Home Madness"

Well this was something!

I shall "categorize" this as another short.

I am actually not sure what to make of it, since the old man suddenly going berserk was surprising, yes, but I am not sure whether to laugh or be afraid. Not sure what to make of it, can't really explain better. :S

I noticed from the comments that you can move the heads of the characters (non-planned feature.) While you could say it is a "mistake" on your part, I found myself watching the clip second time to just mess with the heads. Pretty neat "easter-egg" if you ask me!

This is one of those animations which I can not really say much except "I like it."
As a short as it is, I can't really figure out much to improve on it. Don't think there is anything!

4/5, 8/10

Rapheus responds:

Yes! You again!!

This ani was sketched out by my (now ex) girlfriend when she stayed home sick from school. She gave it to me, and I animated it as close I could to her storyboard.

And yeah, I have no idea how I managed to script the heads to move, but yeah, it is fun to screw around with them during the chaos!

I once again salute your incredible reviews.


morale of story: dont fuck with the elderly

Rapheus responds:

Life lesson #436


amazing but how come their heads move??

Rapheus responds:

I have no idea. I was going to fix it but decided not to.

good but....something is wrong

when you press the head of the old men and the "agent" XD can you move the heads hehehe...no really...no is joke

Rapheus responds:

Yeah, I have no idea how I managed that...


that was 5 seconds of pure defestation lol

Rapheus responds:

Hmm... is that a word?