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Reviews for "Madness-Solipsistic part1"


Great stuff here, I love that last part with the PK

New Take on Madness

And I like it! I like the whole mad scientist conspiracy thing....really is an excellent twist. The whole bird flipping body ripping thing made me lol. Nice job with the animation...must've taken forever. Looking forward to the next installment...:)

Nice :D

I think this was awesome, and actually, a bit better than the normal madness series, which has almost no plot. I like violence as much as the next time, but I love how this has a plot.
This is really nicely done, and I'm a fan of this kind of fighting anyway. Really amazing. Nothing seems overdone or underdone. I can't wait to see what comes next.


thats my fav yet

whats with the retarded banana???

more violence!

i wouldnt say the beging was dull but i think it needs more violence
other than that gooooood