Reviews for "Blockworm"


loved it i also liked how the worms moved away 10/10 5/5 good work keep it up !


This is really great. I don't know. but I think that the worm thing helps me to see more crearly the way i gotta put the pieces. or somethin. Great job

hard to make

i dont think many people know how hard the codes for tetris realy are

p.s. pm me the codes?

not too shabby.

Gave you a 5, because you didn't claim it was a super awesome new game, you told us what it was. It was challenging, fun too play and it looked nice.

One thing...

On the whole, very well programmed. I had to stop playing though because the new block designs were just to inconvenient and wouldn't fit strategically with the original tetris blocks. Well done though.