Reviews for "DoTz"

i like it

hey its not stupid.. its well designed and its not to challenging... i like it i realy do..

45Percent responds:

Thanks for your review.
Glad you liked it and also glad you didn't find it to hard.


it was simple but fun lmao. i was a little worried about it being a screamer though lmao. you should make another

45Percent responds:

I will continue to make more games like and unalike to this.

:O its really good

this was your first? no way..

whats the awsome song called?!?!

great game for anyones first try and i cant wait to see waht you next ones gonna be like, BUT WHATS THAT SONG CALLED :O!!!!!!

i had a look on youtube but i didnt find it (straight away :P) plz whats it called, i think im addicted :D

Fun game :)

I found this very enjoyable. Awesome music and great hiding them dots :P

45Percent responds:

Thank you.
Glad you enjoyed it and that you liked the music.