Reviews for "Paper Mario Parody Ep1"


it was pretty good


you have a technical problem.. you have it set to proceed when you hit the spacebar problem is sometimes it'll loop the same scene over and over agian till you stop hitting the space bar and wait for it to progress.. its hard to determain when this is going o happen.. and i almost got frusterated cuase i didnt know what as going on at first and got stuck on the scene with luigi and he kept saying "i know" "i havn't invited" over and over agian... also in some parts your english is broken.. like the line i got stuck on for example. "i havn't invited"

other than that everything was nice and well presented.. the artwork was good and the animation was well done.. you dont have alot of sound though and as far as stroyline.. well it waskinda funny but i didnt really laugh much..

It has great promise, however,....................

I did not like having to constantly right click and then click on play to advance, and there are MULTIPLE SPELLING ERRORS, please re-submit this to the portal with those two things fixed.

Otherwise, funny as shit. Poor, Pooor Luigi, he's always getting left behind. lmfao

it glitches up when he says

i know i havent in invation and it keeps repeating


You are one of the very few people who's first flashes didn't make me want to strangle them. I see effort in this, and potential. Keep it up.