Reviews for "Paper Mario Parody Ep1"

Me gustaba mucho tu obra.

The standards on this site would probably warrant a lower score because of the quality of the flash, but due to the fact that this is your first piece of flash submitted to the site, I'll give you a higher rating based on effort and consideration. Honestly, Newgrounds gets a lot of crap these days, but this doesn't deserve to be lumped in with the rest of them. Obviously, you've taken great care to make a decent flash, and it shows. The polished art style, the humorous plot, the animation even, all of it shows consideration to the viewer and gives off the impression that you must be tired with the low quality of flashes these days also. I liked your sense of humor, too -- it showed originality, if not more consideration for the viewer (I personally loved the 'wrong scene' and the cameo of the final scene as well.) by selecting what type of humor should go where.

Of course, the animation isn't as smooth as it should be, but for your first flash on the site, it's acceptable. I can only hope you continue to make even more flashes, since this obviously shows you have talent (and the viewer in mind.)

(Voy a presumir que hablas espanol. He notado que las lineas en la animacion fueron de mal gramatica, pero fue un buen atento a la idioma ingles. Yo se que no es facil de entender, pero si necesitas alguien para transladar tus escrituras, comunicate conmigo por mensaje. Espanol es mi segunda idioma, pero lo hablo bastante bueno, y por la razon que hablo ingles mejor, creo que puedo ayudarte en ese aspecto, por lo menos. No puedo ayudarte en animar mejor, desafortunadamente, porque no se hacer animacion, ni siquiera dibujar. Si no entiendo algo, por eso tengo el Internet. :P) Just putting that out there.

javiert239 responds:

Thanks a lot for the comments. The first i can say is sorry for the crappy dialogues but when i made this flash i didn't know much english. But actually i can say the next aniamtion will be better.
I spend three months in this animation and actually i'm very busy with my study but on the holidays i'll work hard in the next episode.

was good

nice dude


The graphics were well done, but the constant need to press the space bar after every dialogue got irritating fast & it also lead into loop sequences where you couldn't advance to the next scene.


I'm guessing english isn't your first language, but you should have someone read over the subtitles. There were some grammatical errors, nothing too big but it should be polished more. Also, the animation got stuck in a loop or something after the invitation by the pipe with luigi repeating the same statements over and over. I liked the comedy, especially the stapler but it seems like you should spend a bit more time polishing before you send it out.

Didn't like it

The story was funny, but the flash was so bad, I couldn't sit through it. Good attempt though. Try to tune up your flash next time, and maybe put in some background music.