Reviews for "Clubby: Killing Season"

i didnt like this game at all..

its just... i dunno, its just boring.. and really nothing but you walking around with a chainsaw, no different moves or anything.. its just really bad

That was...bad.

Gameplay is useless. You allways slide around the screen and achivements is terrible. And as Tomsan said: Camera view is awful just like your reactions on comments.



I was looking at the achievements after I played and apparently I killed a boss or something.. I didnt notice, which points out the problem of the game. its so random and you cant do anything expect for change direction once in a while and maybe put in a jump. Jumping means certain health loss though.

camera view is awful just like your reactions on comments

I am often a sucker for achievements, but No way I am gonna try to get them in this game.

overall nice graphs, bad gameplay, boring game. lets give it a 1/5 because it makes poop look good

I drink your milkshake

the gameplay is repetitive but the art and humor are excellent


Nice sequel to clubby very wel done