Reviews for "Clubby: Killing Season"

another one can be better

Funny at the beginning but unfortunaly, becomes quickly boring the problem is to find other actions to do, an aim to the game =)


sorry but this game is really boring

really fun

this was really a fun game mayb more power ups wuld change it up a lil more just seem they were few and far..yada yada great game!!


good but gets boring fast but funny and fun

As already pointed out

The gameplay, or lack there of, is very annoying. This isn't a game, it's a screen saver. It plays itself and I get the feeling my input doesn't make a difference.

The graphics are good tho, sounds is good too. I think you can make a decent game if you think the concept through.

And you need to do something about that attitude problem. Giving people lip for offering constructive criticism isn't going to do your NG "career" any good.