Reviews for "Clubby: Killing Season"

so blood!!!

is a adictive game but is similar to "chainsaw the children"
whatever,GOOD GAME!

Killer Baby?? XD

Good But Not Best.. 8/10


I don't get why so many people don't like this game.
It's awesome!
It really is.
I suppose i could admit it's not as good as the first.
But it has an incredible combat style!
I loved it.

it is what it is

its fun and theres not much to it
good for quick rage fits


For what it is, you probably couldn't have done much else to it. Felt a lot like the original cept with a chainsaw which i feel shouldve been in the original anyway, lol.

Only issue with it is the small window, though i guess its meant to be a small time killing game. :D

Awesome artwork as always!