Reviews for "Clubby: Killing Season"

not good

well all of the main poitns have been touched on already, so just read the reviews below mine if you want to fix this game.

RiftMaster responds:

If anything is going to be fixed it will be your face.


This is a well made game.It has got cool Graphics. But it can have more levels. And a boss.

RiftMaster responds:

thank you! there IS a boss though. you were probably really close to facing off against the fucker!

I'm not convinced

Nope, I'm not.
While the Style is pretty nice, the grafics and sound do fit, the gameplay itself is just... well. Which Gameplay?
Starting from the slow-reacting controls (seems to be on purpose, but personally treats my nerves), to the timegap between two jumps and the feeling of not beeing able to do anything at all. Basically you can only watch what your little guy does and hope that he doesn't get hit - which in most cases is pretty impossible to avoid, because there's no chance to evade. And if there's one, the controls don't react fast enough.
The Achievments are like a Trend on NG now, they always seem to give a game the certain "addictive" feature to get everything. While the Idea behind that sure is good, in this game, it's fairly random if you're able to reach them or not.
The influence of the player on the Game is minimalistic. If you're lucky you are able to go far, if you're unlucky you're dead on the second screen.
Also, there's no point in all the game itself. To run into enemies and to hope that they aren't abel to hit you, before you hit them is pretty... ya. Pointless.

Anyways. The Style is pretty good, I liked those comments on the left. But they don't make a great game.

RiftMaster responds:

Convinced? Convinced of what? You think I make stuff to convince you of something? What are you Roger Ebert? Do I give a shit what you think?

Answers to these questions and more on next week's episode of "RIFTMASTER KNOWS BEST"

pointless in the unfun way

This game is pretty pointless, in the unfun way. Pointless games can be fun but this one isn't. You only need to move around, change direction once in a while and the game plays itself without you realizing half of the time what's going on.

I don't understand why there is a delay before you can jump again. It feels awkward.

The camera is pretty bad. I don't see enough of the ground. The camera is too high. While I can see everything that I need to, it just feels bad to look at that kind of camera.

The game is very bad, but it looks good. I'm assuming all of the score comes from it looking good and being for halloween. People give good scores so easily :P.

RiftMaster responds:

You are pointless in the un-fun way :)

cute and nice

Leatherface clubby wonderful I laughed since the begginingbut inprovements
1.needs powerups not just heals
2.maby more levels
3.more enemies
4.bosses maby
5.something else that fits in to the list above

RiftMaster responds:

there IS a boss. do your homework droogie.