Reviews for "FW:"

Good Job!

Initially, I thought this movie was gonna suck. Only due to the feeling that the menu was over done. But as I watched this great movie I look back on the menu and thought "Oh, ok, that makes sense now..." Anyways, I enjoyed the special effects, and despite all the stick fight movies on Newgrounds, this has got to be one of the best. Honestly, it was amazing to see in action, and it'd be great to see more work from you.


Wow, your effects are purely spectacular.
This is the most stunning stick fight I've seen sinse that ghost hill fight thing.
I literally reacted by laughing at a couple ├╝ber-cool parts. The debris in the slow motions and explosions looked awesome. The amount of effort you've put into animation is inspiring. The beams and effects all looked awesome.
Also, everything's well thought out. It's very fast-paced and you have to watch it twice to see everything that happened. The very cleverly thought out choreography gives the viewer some extra satisfaction too. It's the oldest trick in the book, but still having the guy throw his sword, beat everyone up, posing and then catching his sword, is cool like hell.
Music was some metal dnb hybrid, and suited the fight as well.

Good job, it's works like this one that inspire ppl to bring their game up.
Also, did it say you did this in a MONTH??? OMG...

Damn! Oo

That was fucking metal O_o


sick fights are awesome


That was a sweet vid man.