Reviews for "FW:"


Im a fan of stickys, and its very nice it dosent need a story line, since its just a sticky.. very well done, i expect to see more of your future creations.


I liked it very much. My only critic: at some points it is not clear where the hero is.

Very good graphics and storyline.^^

I've never seen....

Sorry to be overly modest here but holy f***!!! That was amazing. Short, bittersweet, and sovereign. I would like to use this as an example for my Flash I class at Madison Media Institute as to what someone can truly do in flash if they truly want to. Your example with others alike need to be considered for an ultimate newgrounds top 100 gold. This is one of those worth to such an addition.


friggin awesome

Very entertaining.

That was pretty incredible. It would be nice if you had a movie with an actual story and fight scenes like that every now and then.
Anyway, very entertaining.